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Scale Plastic Models by Vax


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Tips and Troubleshooting

get your models looking like mine.

Here is the steps I use to finish my models, this method that I use seem to work well.
1.) Take of the plastic wrap and open box.
2.) READ the instructions thoughrouly make sure you understand all the diagrams.
3.) Paint all the small parts and anyparts that will be hard to get to when the model is all complete. Keep them on the tree, its easier in the long run.
4.)Follow the directions. Apply small amounts of glue and make sure not to drip any on the model. Also make sure that if you get glue in a place that you don't want it WASH IT IMMEDIATLY. Also, you may want to scrape off a little of paint for a better bond. When gluing, don't glue something them glue that to another thing, IE don't put together the cockpit of a plane and then glue it in. Just let it sit and work on something else like finish painting or put together the engine.
5.) When its all done add the decals, I still haven't found any easy way to put them on just slide em off the backing.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

you dont really need an airbrush. You can get the same results without one. But if you do however, it does look good, it takes 10 minutes to the job right, when without one it would take hours.

Use small amounts the less you use the quicker it dries.

I use regualar tape just to tape up areas that i dont want to get with my airbrush.

Backgrounds -
Use pictures from calendars etc and put them behind the model and underneath the model to make it look like its really there!
Take a picture of your model, with a flat background if possible(drap a sheet or something over a chair and then put the model on the chair), upload the picture to your computer, then, I used Corel Photo Paint, but I think you can use any photo editing software, but use the masking tool and mask the plane.   Then when the mask is completely around the model, go to Edit in the tool bar, and select Cut.  This should Delete the whole background(if in the case when you click cut, the model, just click undo, and then choose to Invert the mask and then cut the mask)and leave you with just the model. Then, download(free) a program named TERRAGEN, at .  then create a background, save the file.  Then go back to your photo editing software, select the model without the background, get the mask around it again, select copy in the tool bar, and then open up the file with the background from the and then paste the model into the background, resize and move whereever you want it, and then export the file and you all done.

Ways to beef up your models.

Im not that type of modeler who goes all out and sands it down and does all that other stuff. But here are somethings to make your models look better.

Paint Job:
If you're not going for complete accuracy, paint the model any color. Especially if you're doing a car. Just because it says the car should be red, make it grey or black. Also do research on the model you have airplanes and helos have all different paint schemes.

If the set you have gives you options of the type of model you want IE the raptor i got could have been the spirit of america or a combat raptor. You can mix and match the decals to make one better model. The only things i changed was the pilots name and the 02 to 01

There are many companies that make various scale figures, crew men and piolets etc... you could add these tou you're dioramas