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My opinion.

All sets are rated out of 10.

Testors - F-22 Raptor kit-

Overall, I would give this set a 9. This was the first set that I built and I was very satified with the results. The only minor thing was the fuelsalage was off a hair with lining up to the top. Other than that the set was perfect. And an added word for the Testor Co., this company is awsome, If you have missing, broken, wharped, pieces, even if it was your fault they send you the pieces for free right away.

Minicraft MH-60K -

I would have to give this set a 7. The cockpit could have been much more detailed. On the brighter side, the overall look was excellent. I did though change the scheme of the paint from desert to OD green. The pieces were incredebly greasey, I had to wash them, the paint wouldn't go on. Finally, the decals are absolutly horible, and there aren't many to give detail. Out of the 8 that I applied, 2 were totally ruined, because I accidently touched them 10 minutes after I put them on and others ripped when I slide them off the paper. But if youre carefull and take your time with this, you may have some difficulties but the finished product will look great.

Revell/Monogram - F-16 Air Defense Fighter-

Good set. Not one problem, i highly recommend this set. It was very inexpensive too. nice detail and fit. accurate decals.

B-1B Bomber ---
This thing was MASSIVE.  I walked into the the model store, and i couldnt believe the size of the box.  i would give this model a 10.  The model went together perfectly, and was easy to understand the instructions.  The only problems I had, was I didnt put enough weight in the nose of the plane, the instructions said the exact weight to put, but i never wieghed it.  So the planes front nose is in the air a bit, but it still looks kool.  The only other problem with this plane, is the decals.  Besides the fact that there are only like 8 decals including all the USAF insignia for the wings, the decals were so old, that when i put the in water they just disintegrated.  I ended up putting on aftermarket decals, and it looks even better.  If u ever see this model anywhere, BUY IT!

UH-1  (1/32 Scale... Revell Germany)
I wasnt planning on buying this set, but since I haven't bought a model in such a long time, I said "why not."  I bought the 1/32 scale(which I always said I only build 1/48) because I thought that the Hueys would be small, which is what they appeared to be when i got to ride in one.  Compared to the BlackHawk i flew in, it was small.  So when I opened the kit, i was amazed at the size.  Putting the set together went good.  The pilots that came with the set didnt go together so good.  I also had some trouble with the main rotors.  The only other con with this kit, was you needed to shave the parts a whole lot.  There was way too much access plastic.  While i was trimming a piece, i broke it, it was fixable and not noticeable, but  i was much careful after that.  I unfortunatly forgot to trim a chunk off the nose, and it was hard keeping the decals on.  The decals are amazing.  There is a lot of detail that they add.  Also on my way back from the model shop,  all i thought about was, "do i want the doors open or closed, or do i want one open and one closed etc..."  But to my amazment, the kit allows you to fully funtion the cockpit doors as well as the sidedoors.  I would give this set an 8.25.